We recognize systemic racism, implicit bias, and privilege permeates this country, and this includes the history of our organization. We hope to see progress and start with change from within. With that, CSW/LA Pride will no longer be involved in or­ganizing what will now be known as the All Black Lives Matter march on Sunday, June 14, 2020, but we are in full support. We will be there and hope the LGBTQ+ community will as well.

The CSW Board members who conceived the idea for the march began speaking with Black LGBTQ+ leaders and organizations in advance of the announcement, however, they had not been able to align directly with Black Lives Matter leaders prior to the announcement. For that, we apologize to the Black Lives Matter organizers. Conversations did continue and grew to later include leaders from Black Lives Matter LA, and, subsequently, an Advisory Board of Black LGBTQ+ lead­ers has formed to lead the upcoming All Black Lives Matter solidarity march.

For the All Black Lives Matter solidarity march on Sunday, June 14, 2020:

  • Permits that were filed during initial planning have been withdrawn and there will be no police or city law officials involved in any capacity.
  • We recognize the safety concerns around COVID-19 and the pandemic currently plaguing the nation—and disproportionately the Black and LGBTQ+ communities—and ask protesters to take protective measures, including wearing face coverings and avoiding large crowds if you are at high risk or displaying symptoms of COVID-19. California Department of Public Health recommendations can be found at covid19.ca.gov.
  • This is not a Pride Parade or celebration event. This is a solidarity protest march and there will be no corporate participation.

Following the All Black Lives Matter march, the CSW Board will continue to work with the new Advisory Board to examine internal policy and further diversify its Board to include more voices and perspectives from the Black LGBTQ+ community. More information about the All Black Lives Matter solidarity march can be found on www.ABLM.LA.


Media Contacts

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