Inclusivity and visibility define Transgender programming at this year’s Pride celebration

APRIL 12 – WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA: Christopher Street West (CSW), the 501(c)3 non-profit that produces the annual LA Pride Festival and Parade, is making an official statement today about a number of important changes being made to its strategy and approach for Transgender community programming during LA Pride 2018:

At the beginning of the year, we set a bold intention: to make this the most inclusive and deeply personal LA Pride yet. It’s a celebration of the vibrant, courageous, strong, creative, and unique people who make the LGBTQ+ community shine. And this year’s campaign theme, #JUSTBE, is how we’re bringing this bold vision to life. LA Pride 2018 will be a celebration of diversity and a rallying cry for each and every one of us to support each other as one community. For this reason, we have decided to evolve our approach to community programming. In 2018, programs and events celebrating our Transgender community will be fluidly integrated into every facet of LA Pride Week, giving Transgender people the visibility and recognition they rightly deserve throughout our Pride celebrations. We are proud to support the Transgender community in this way and look forward to making this an LA Pride to remember for all.   

“By working closely with CSW’s Community Advisory Board (CAB), we’ve had the unique opportunity to collaborate with a number of leaders within the Transgender community to achieve a few important goals: 1) to expand and evolve Transgender community programming during LA Pride Week 2018; 2) to elevate the presence and visibility of the Transgender community; and 3) to make this programming more inclusive, relevant, accessible, and fun,” says Alexandra Magallon, CSW Board of Directors, CAB Chair, co-chair of the Transgender Service Provider Network, and proud Trans Latina Woman. “I’m so proud of the work we’ve done. From curating a Trans-forward experience at the LA Pride Parade to having Trans talent represented beautifully across all of the LA Pride Festival’s three stages – and so much more – we have achieved a new level of inclusivity and visibility for the Transgender community. This is truly amazing.”

“I am excited to see how the changes in this year’s programming materials for LA Pride will spark new conversations within the LGBTQ+ community,” says Eden Anai Luna (they/them), CAB member and Program Manager, TEEP (LA LGBT Center). “Conversations centering around pronoun use, consent, self-autonomy, and accountability will move the community towards a direction of inclusion and safety for every last member of our incredibly diverse community. Due to our work with the Community Advisory Board, I truly feel that this year’s LA Pride will set forth a new standard for other Pride celebrations across America. I am Proud to be LA.”

In an effort to help the community understand this year’s plans around Transgender community programming, CSW has created some FAQ’s that speak to the changes being made to this year’s LA Pride Week 2018 programming.

What kinds of Transgender programming will be a part of LA Pride Week 2018?

Representation and visibility of the Transgender community will play an important role in all of our programming. We are still finalizing some details a few of our new programs– so please check back soon for more details – but here are a few of the milestones we’ve achieved thus far:

  • For the first time, we are shining the spotlight on Transgender artists across all three stages at the LA Pride Festival, including a much anticipated Park Stage performance by Kim Petras. Other Trans artists to be announced soon.
  • As a symbol of our solidarity with the Transgender community, we are putting Trans service organizations and advocates up, front, and center at the LA Pride Parade.
  • The popular “Trans Station” at the LA Pride Festival is being re-imagined as a more inclusive destination for Festival attendees, with more prominent placement on Festival grounds on both Saturday and Sunday of the Festival.
  • CSW will also donate a significant number of LA Pride Festival tickets to the Transgender Wellness Center, in an effort to encourage more of our Transgender friends to take part in this year’s LA Pride celebration.
  • CSW is working with the City of West Hollywood’s “One City, One Pride” initiative to host an exclusive event that will give the Transgender community a sneak peek at a new Trans documentary (complete with filmmaker panel discussion and reception).

Did the Transgender community have a role in shaping these events?

The many community leaders and advocates who make up CSW’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) – of which many of the members are Transgender – have been the biggest stakeholders and supporters throughout the entire process of re-imagining Transgender community programing for LA Pride Week 2018. All decisions around Transgender community programming have been vetted by the CAB to ensure that visibility and inclusion of the Transgender community are cornerstones of this year’s LA Pride celebration.

Members of CSW’s Community Advisory Board include:

  • Alexandra Magallon – CSW Board Member and CAB Chair
  • Adam Reyes – Intern, Gender Justice LA
  • Addison Rose Vincent – Manager of Programs, [email protected] Coalition
  • Alex Aldana – Behavioral Researcher, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Eden Anai Luna – TEEP Manager, LA LGBT Center
  • Edwin Milan – National Director of Outreach, AIDS Health Foundation
  • Frankie Darling-Palacios – Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator, LA LGBT Center
  • Jamar Moore – Biomedical HIV Prevention Coordinator, LA County Dept. of Public Health
  • Johanna Padilla– Trans Advocate, The Wall Las Memorias Project
  • Marie-Fatima Hyacinthe – Mobilization Coordinator, Black AIDS Institute
  • Nicole Iacopetti – Associate, The Walt Disney Company
  • Tory Cason – Co-Founder, The Baldwin Gentlemen  

No changes to programming were made without the direct consultation of respected leaders within the Transgender community who make up the CAB. For this reason, it is our hope that our Trans friends will embrace these changes with open arms, realizing that we have made visibility and inclusivity of the Transgender community the absolute priority of LA Pride this year. We hope the Transgender community will feel welcomed, empowered, and excited by all these important programming changes. LA Pride 2018 is a time when the entire LGBTQ+ community can come together as a single community and #JUSTBE, celebrating Pride in the rawest, most authentic ways possible.

Will there be any Friday night programming on the LA Pride Festival grounds?

Due to Festival construction and physical limitations, there will be no hosted programming Friday night on the LA Pride Festival grounds. As many of you are aware, in years past, Friday night played host to the Sizzle Sober Party as well as the Trans Party. As mentioned above, we are evolving our community programming strategy and approach this year to ensure that all members of the LGBTQ+ community have an opportunity to celebrate Pride in whatever ways allow them to #JUSTBE. That is why we’re continuing to build out a series of LA Pride Week events – including PRIDE IS UNIVERSAL at Universal Studios and the just recently announced LGBT Night at the LA Dodgers. Stay tuned for additional details and announcements. More LA Pride Week programs will be announced soon. One thing is certain, though, given our focus on building out the Festival grounds on Friday night, we’ll be ready Saturday morning to welcome you all to help us kick off the best LA Pride weekend yet.

How are you working with the City of West Hollywood?

The City of West Hollywood continues to be incredibly supportive of CSW and all LA Pride Week programming. We are working closely alongside our partners at City Hall to ensure that LA Pride Week is special and memorable for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. This includes the development of a new event being organized for the Transgender community, in conjunction with the City’s “One City, One Pride” initiative, which will include a sneak peek at a new Transgender documentary followed by a filmmaker panel discussion and reception. There has never been a moment when the City of West Hollywood has not supported CSW or the Transgender community. We are proud to work with them again this year to elevate Trans visibility throughout LA Pride Week 2018.  

LA Pride isn’t LA Pride without the marvelous people who make up our uniquely diverse, colorful, and beautiful community. We are committed to delivering the best LA Pride experience yet, ensuring that there’s a place for everyone to #JUSTBE throughout all of LA Pride Week. After all, we are stronger when we come together as one LGBTQ+ community.

We are looking forward to celebrating LA Pride 2018 with all of you! Happy Pride (in advance)!

Visit the LA Pride website to sign up for the latest updates and be sure to follow LA Pride’s happenings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. More events and programs to be announced in the coming weeks!

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