We’re here… and proud of it!

Posted on: April 8, 2012

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We’re here… and proud of it! For too long our characters in movies, books and other forms of media had to be killed off or faced with an additional stigma. They couldn’t be happy, healthy and have a fairytale ending. Characters on shows were (and sometimes still are) only appropriate if kept within the stereotype or generalizations of the time. Now, we are slowly starting to see more authentic portrayals of our wildly diverse community in the mass media. With due respect to those who came before us, this is an exciting time as we are more easily able to reach out to the masses and have a greater political impact (think Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Never before was there a time when information was so readily available at our fingertips. With this knowledge comes great power because we can access resources that could only be dreamed of before. On that same token, having the ability to self-identify is incredible and we should not limit ourselves to one box. The newer generations will continue to redefine, reshape and rethink gender and sexuality. An individual is not simply just bisexual, female or a student. We are all a complex mix of different identities, some of which we may hold onto for our whole lives or opt out of labels entirely. So, here’s to you! Whoever you are, wherever you come from: Christopher Street West, bringing you LA PRIDE, welcomes you to define and celebrate yourself and community! Be you… and proud of it!  

Chris Angel Murphy was the 2009 LA PRIDE Outstanding Youth Leader
Honoree. Currently attending Cal State LA, Chris was recently accepted
to the MSW program at USC. Chris also speaks about gender and sexual
identity issues at various schools and is a guest columnist for LN Magazine.