Partnership with City of West Hollywood

Christopher Street West has had a long and beneficial relationship with the City of West Hollywood. The city has continued to be a leading partner and sponsor in producing PRIDE; they waive permit fees, provide the park and street location for the festival and parade, and pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in LA County Sheriff’s costs to police the celebration. It would not be possible to produce on our annual event without the continued enthusiastic support of the West Hollywood City Council and tireless efforts by members of city staff.

Spurred in part by the continued hostility of the LAPD, and antagonism of local business owners, the celebration was relocated to West Hollywood in 1979, then an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County. Additionally, the festival had outgrown its location in Hollywood which was targeted for urban redevelopment. Finally, the demographics of the growing LGBT population in West Hollywood proved to be a safer and much friendlier environment.

CSW is thrilled that this special relationship continues today, and truly appreciates all that the city does to support PRIDE and the various efforts and activities.