Non-Profit Organization
Hundreds of thousands of people celebrate LA PRIDE each year, but don’t see the tireless, year-round work that makes the event possible. Christopher Street West (CSW) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Each board member dedicates countless hours leading and working on many committees. CSW is lucky to be able to draw on the career experience and talents of individuals representing many professions with countless years of experience. In addition, numerous committee members provide invaluable skill and effort to help move our mission and vision forward.

Volunteer Driven
PRIDE is the result of over 1500 community members pitching in to make the three-day celebration a success. The volunteer Board of Directors take individual responsibility for directing and overseeing the various aspect of putting on PRIDE each year; they are assisted by many volunteers, behind the scenes, and a few key paid consultants and staff.

Community Support and Outreach
Christopher Street West provides direct support to community organizations by co-sponsoring a variety of events and fundraising activities; purchasing tickets to events and donating them to underserved populations and volunteers; as well as recruiting and supporting volunteer efforts. CSW also utilizes our extensive contacts to promote community events through our monthly email newsletter and spotlight, as well as our far-reaching social media contacts.

CSW has a mentorship program, lending our experience and contacts to other organizations; as well as lending our name and reputation to support other organizations that can benefit from our many years of community activism and support in Los Angeles.

Investing in the Community
Over the 40 plus years of community involvement Christopher Street West, a leader in the LGBT movement in the metropolitan Los Angeles area as well as throughout the USA, and the world, has given back incalculable amounts of support both in time, money and experience.

The dollar amount that CSW has given back to community organizations through direct support, volunteer grants, working grants, publicity, visibility, and mentorship is in the millions of dollars.

CSW’s programs are as strong as ever, and CSW remains committed to supporting the community we serve, both financially and in other tangible ways.