Christopher Street West’s Board of Directors

Christopher Street West is governed by an unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors. Members take on individual responsibility for directing and overseeing the production of PRIDE each year; they are assisted by committee members, numerous administrative and event volunteers, and a few paid consultants and staff.

Board Members

Rodney Scott Sue
Rodney Scott
President / Sponsorship
Sue Sexton
Secretary / Broadcast
Norman Patti
N. Lee Waddell
Patti DiLuigi
VP of Festival Operations
Steve Jason
Steve Ganzell
Security / Chair of Erotic City
Jason Roundy
VP of Admin / Chair of Development
Louie Katrina
Tom Pardoe
VP Parade / Erotic City/Bill's Cafe
Karina Samala
Chair of Volunteers
Vince Owen Ward
Vince Wong
Chair of Community Engagement
Owen Ward
VP Communications / Marketing/PR

Emeritus Members
(Persons who have served on the board for at least four years
may be elected as directors emeritus, a lifetime advisory position.)

Sharon Donning
James Fields
Hope Hindrichs
Danny Levy
Jerry Lovell
Raymond Rector
Pat Rocco
Irene Williams
Michael Yates

In Memoriam
Below is a list of deceased members of the Board of Directors of Christopher Street West. All of
them were unpaid volunteers, a tradition that has applied all the years of our existence. Each of
them has kept our history alive. We are the keepers of a major, national historic trust.

These kind volunteers came forth, grabbed the torch of freedom and served the cause with
dignity and integrity. We enjoyed working with them and are saddened by their deaths.

Rev. Robert (Bob) Humphries
Morris Kight

Suzie Apple
Steve Berman
John Bihr
Cliff Brown
Raymond Cobian
Rob Cole
David Cooper
Sharon Cornelison
Robert (Bob) F. Craig
Gary Davis
Don Rudolfo Jesus Estrada
Robert Gunther
Sam Haws
Jim Highland
Gary Jonker
John Klamik
Steve Klar
Tony Knapp
Hank Kuznowski
Jose Lopez
Michael (Mike) McDougal
Paul Madrigal
Gio Micu
Doug Miller
Chuck Montgomery
Ben Perkins
Ernie Potvin
Tom Quinn
Walle Resnick
Vince Romano
Ralph Schaffer
Rev. Dr. Z’alexandria Shulthes-Ramirez
Don Slate
Don Tehan
Christine Tripp
Dale Torney
Joe Toy
Pat Underwood
Mark Zavala